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Published on June 28th, 2017 | by Louella Fernandes


Public Sector: Sustainability in Action

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Education and the wider public sector typically share a common ‘serving the
citizen’, rather than customer oriented, approach. This generally leads to
progressive attitudes towards the environment, often bolstered by government
legislation and directives, with regards to purchasing decisions and how ‘green’
or sustainability issues might be addressed.

The reality of how this impacts IT buying decisions can be mixed. Compulsion to
meet directives can lead to a tick-box mentality, rather than a broader attempt to
achieve deliverable benefits. Occasionally, good intentions can also lead to just
tackling easy to address short-term issues, with other challenges that might have
more longer-term impact being ignored. However, there is broad recognition of
the need to reduce costs and consumption of resources.

This report looks at the sustainability attitudes of organisations in five European
countries towards IT and in particular printing, where improving the focus on a
sustainable approach to IT will deliver benefits for the environment, better
compliance with directives and importantly be more efficient, thus saving costs.


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About the Author

With 25 years’ experience in the print industry, Louella Fernandes is a respected and globally recognised analyst focusing on the evolution of print in the digital age. Louella is currently Associate Director for Print Services and Solutions at Quocirca.

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